Investments includes:

Co-Promotion Rights

favicon  Promote your brand with the film to increase awareness of your brand as well as the film. View some examples here

Movie Poster Acknowledgement

favicon  Your Brand Logo on the Official Movie Poster (Also on DVD/Blu-Ray Cover).

Movie Credits Acknowledgement

favicon  Your Brand Logo + Title of of Company in the feature films Ending Credits.

Investment Packages:


   BOT Package

   favicon  Incidental Product Placement – Subtle Placement of your brand of a scene(s). *By discretion of director

   DROID Package

   favicon  Mini Brand Integration – Your brand/service will be featured in AT LEAST a single scene.

   CYBORG Package

   favicon  Brand Integration – Your brand/service will be featured more predominantly in AT LEAST a single scene.

   favicon  Official Premiere Branding Opportunities – Each film presents different advertising opportunities. View some examples here

   PRIME Package

   favicon  Primary Brand Integration – Make your brand/service a Vital part of the feature film’s storyline.

   favicon  Be the Main Sponsor of the Official Premiere

    ** Different possibilities available for each film. Contact us to find out more


Optional Extra’s:

favicon  Set visits – Meet the cast and key crew involved in production.

favicon  VIP Invites to the Official Premiere.

favicon  Be in the film – Have the opportunity for yourself or somebody of your choice to be involved for AT LEAST 1 day as an Extra on set.

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