Script Editing

We have an experienced and qualified screenwriter that can help refine your script’s structure or dialogue to an internationally accepted standard. No writer should be without an editing partner to give advice on structure and dialogue, proofreading it to result in the best possible screenplay. Across the board even the best writers for magazines, newspapers and even novels have their work edited to ensure the highest standards before publishing.

Writing scripts is a skill and in most cases a formula is needed to make it fit on screen and to make sense to the audience. You only have a 120 pages to tell a detailed and intimate tale and it is not easy to fit it all in, especially after it took months or perhaps years to research and develop. A Subjective opinion is always handy to get your script to an industry standard.

We do this by reading your script a number of times, each time appending comments for you to consider after we return it to you. We will always be honest with our critique where it is necessary, suggesting possible solutions on how to strengthen the story, structure and pace.

To us as writers, what we see isn’t always what the reader sees, because we understand ourselves best and live the story over and over to the finest detail. This is the reason it might often be necessary to have an editor revise your work, without changing your story, ensuring it is more readable or more appealing to the reader.Pieter Oosthuizen, Madrobot