Whether you are an upcoming brand or a well established company wanting to confirm your market leadership status, brand integration is a great way of establishing that status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Costs are determined by popularity of the producer/director/cast combination, genre, and most importantly, the amount of exposure.

An Integration can start as low as R50 000, but the exposure is usually worth 8x that. Especially when co-promoting your brand alongside the medium.

We have tons of research to back up our claim, as well as testimonials from our clients. Our research however is very confidential, but we will be happy to share with you in a face to face meeting.
A barter agreement in movies, it is seldom accepted, but depending on the value of your product to the film and/or crew it can be just as valuable as money.

A few examples are:

favicon Cars – for scenes in the film or transportation for the crew.
favicon Air Travel – Sometimes the cast and crew need to travel to set location across the country.
favicon Accommodation – Depending on where the shoot takes place.
favicon Catering – Providing food for cast,crew and extras.

Once again depending on the value of your product to the film you will at the very least get mentioned in the rolling credits after the film.

If not done properly. Yes, such as seeing the brand/product over and over throughout the film which can become distracting. Our brand integration uses affective marketing strategies that make it oblivious and even enjoyable.
Technically yes, because integration possibilities are endless and placing items in most scenes are easy, but really good brand integration is hiding your product in a scene addressing the nature of your business, not distracting your audience from the plot,but making it memorable for your target market.

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